1.Maintain and enhance motivation and performance of the employees, as the most valuable company’s capital, through: increasing the knowledge, ability and welfare for increasing the company’s productivity.

2.Creating a focused and efficient core of the specialists in key activity areas of the company, and developing of practical training in these areas as a vital need in the consulting industry Country

3.Attract, recruit and train skilled and efficient manpower to develop and support different projects.

4.Expression of a learning organization and establishment of related learning system for each company’s employee and to promote the talents and technical abilities.

5.Considering to the technology and application of new and appropriate tools in studying, executing, and managing to carry out tasks and provide services.

6.Widely and timely presence in the consulting industry, and trying to gain market share, according to the capabilities and capacities of the company.

7.Continuous communication and interaction with the applied science, research, and knowledge-based centers in order to strengthen infrastructure and operations.

8.Creating a systematic approach to increase efficiency in all levels of the company.

9.Qualitative development of the studying and executing projects to achieve maximum satisfaction of the employers.

10.Implementing and using of integrated management systems and quality assurance in order to increase the speed and quality and reduce costs.